Spring 2021 GT Orchestras FAQ


Currently, we are working under the assumption that the both sessions will be full orchestras for Fall 2021, but have not received the official guidelines. Please check back for more information as this site will continue to be updated as we receive more information. Audition materials will be uploaded on July 15th.

INFO below is only applicable to the 21S Orchestra Offering.


please check this site frequently as we update this page as new guidelines are issued.

last update: 12/8/2020


Will we have performances?

There will be NO live performance for Spring 2021.

Each chamber groups will have a presentation of pre-recorded recording with either a) musicians recording in-person for the hybrid section, or b) musicians performing remotely for the remote section.


What is the teaching mode?

MUSI 3611 CO (MW 9:30-10:45)  is offered as an online/remote course.

MUSI 3611 SO (MW 11:00-12:15) is offered as a hybrid course. You will be expected to attend 3-10 in-person rehearsals during the semester, depending on schedules and room availability.


What is the setup if we come for in-person class?


We will follow GT regulations and remain 6-feet apart during in-person classes. All will wear face covering at all time.


What piece(s) will we play?

Chamber Group Repertoire will be assigned based on the group members levels (as shown at the video auditions). Each group will learn at least one movement of the work.


How will we rehearse remotely?

We will be doing following (but not limited to) activities:

  • individual works: practicing your own part, keeping a practice log, listening to and reviewing your own playing, etc.
  • working on techniques: marking bowing and fingering for your parts, bowing/fingering discussion with your group/section (breath control for winds), etc.
  • group work: listening and reviewing the group recording, listening and comparing with different recordings, discussion on performance practice and styles, etc.
  • live coaching or sectional through the use of MS TEAMS meeting.
  • Other activities assigned as the semester progresses.


What equipment do I need to participate in orchestra?

Other than your instrument, you would need something to record yourself with, such as a smart phone. You do NOT need any high-quality recording equipment, like microphone, mixer, etc. but rather something to reflect how you do.

A laptop is recommended as the software works better on it than a tablet. MAC products generally have better audio processing ability, but if you are a PC user like me that’s totally fine.

All sheet music will also be distributed online. It’s up to you if you want to print them out or read it off of your device.


Do I need to buy/download any software?


We will only use school-licensed programs. SoundTrap is integrated into CANVAS, and it allows each individual player to record and listen to your own playing, as well as layering various sound tracks. Jamulus allows simultaneous playing as long as players are physically not too distant and are using high-speed internet (such as you four in your dorm rooms using school internet). Other programs will be added as needed.

If you like reading sheet music on a tablet, I personally use Newzik and occasionally ForScore. But you do not need to use those apps — any browser or reading program (like iBook) would do the job.


Do we need to attend virtual sessions at designated class time?


Both sections are offered as synchronous courses, and you are expected to be there online with your instrument at designated class time at least once a week. There will be some activities that you can complete at your own time (such as practicing, marking bowing and fingering), but you are still required to attend virtual classes even remotely (though not everyday). A detailed schedule will be distributed with the syllabus.


Will we still have access to locker room and practice rooms?

Practice Room — We’re building a teamup calendar for practice room access, so that students can both reserve time, and hopefully avoid each other in the building. The current guidance is that practice room is only allowed for 30min of usage, and there needs to be a 30min “break” of room vacancy between practice sessions.

Locker Room — We want to keep as many instrument out of Couch as possible, to reduce density of people in the building and in the locker room. We will still have locker room rental, but you are highly encouraged to keep your instruments elsewhere if possible.


What if I cannot play in my dorm or have a large instrument?

It is possible that students can reserve a practice room during the synchronous sessions, but with the sign-up system and the 30min break requirement, this would be extremely difficult. If you do not have any way of storing and playing your instrument outside of Couch Building or West Village, you might consider auditioning for Orchestra for the spring semester if circumstances change then.


Still have questions?

Contact Dr. Chaowen Ting (cting@gatech.edu) with any question that you might have!