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Congratulations to Alex Lind for winning this year’s competition, and Andy Chen as the alternate! Hear Alex perform the third movement of Strauss’ Horn Concerton No.1 with the GTSO on April 26, 2015 at the Ferst Center. Andy will perform with the GTSO in the 2015-16 academic year.

  • Rosters for 15S are now available!

Wind Assignments and String Seatings for Spring 2015 are available here.

  • Launch of Music Mentorship Program!

For the peer to peer music tutoring partnership program, please see the Music Mentor Program page for more information.



The School of Music currently offers two orchestral ensembles: the Georgia Tech Symphony Orchestra (GTSO), a full orchestra, and Chamber Strings, an intermediate string orchestra. Both ensembles are under the direction of Professor Chaowen Ting, maintains a membership of approximately 80-110 students. The orchestra program also provides access to master classes, professional engagements, and recording opportunities. Members enjoy social aspects through informal dinners and parties. Students are encouraged to pre-register for orchestra and then audition. Semester dues are $15.




The GTSO performs 4 concerts in an academic year. Concerts and repertoire expose participants to a variety of orchestral literature from the Classical through Contemporary periods, including operatic, popular and film music. Participation in the Orchestra broadens students’ skills and experience in performing, understanding and appreciation of great music. Recent works performed include Dvorak Symphony No. 9 “From the New World,” Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 5 and Serenade for Strings, and Mussorgsky / Ravel, Pictures at an Exhibition.

The GTSO Rehearsals are from 6:15 pm to 7:35 pm Tuesday and Thursday evenings in the fall and spring semesters.



GTSO is proud to announce the launch of the string orchestra program, Georgia Tech Chamber Strings (GTCS). The GTCS, an intermediate string orchestra, provides players a supportive environment in which players develop personal string techniques and ensemble skills through practicing, rehearsing, and coaching. Players are explored to Classical string repertoire as well as modern and pop music.


The Chamber Stirngs meet from 4:35 pm to 5:55 pm Tuesday and Thursday afternoons in the fall and spring semesters. The GTCS performs with the GTSO on the concerts as well as other out-reach performances.



For information about the Music Mentorship program, a peer to peer music tutoring partnership, please click here.



The GTSO sponsors an annual Student Concerto Competition. All student vocalists and instrumentalists are invited to participate. The next competition will be held during Spring 2016. More information and the application will be available here.


Chamber Strings rehearsals are Tues/Thurs between 4:35 to 5:55 PM in Rm 104 of the Couch Music Building.

Orchestra (GTSO) rehearsals are Tues/Thurs between 6:15 to 7:35 PM in Rm 115 of the Couch Music Building.


Fall 2014 rehearsal schedule can be found here: GTSO Schedule 14F

Weekly rehearsal schedule will be posted online at: GTSO weekly rehearsal schedule




The GTSO and Chamber Strings perform 4-6 concerts in an academic year. The current 2014-2015 schedule can be found below. Updates will be made as needed.  Check this site periodically for possible changes.

GTSO 2014-2015 concert schedule

GTSO past concert seasons




All students must audition to participate in the orchestra. Auditions are held during the first week of class in the fall semester. Spring audition will only be open to students new to GTSO and those who wish to audition for ensemble placement.

Auditions for Spring 2015 will take place on Tuesday Jan. 6 from 4:30-9pm in the Couch building.

Orchestra Winds Audition Information

Orchestra Strings audition information




The GTSO meets as a class and students can earn humanities credit, provided it meets the requirements listed in your Georgia Tech Catalog. ALL members should enroll for the class.

Academic conflicts are common issues. Please fill out the GTSO Conflict Form during the second week of school when you know your schedule. Students are required to make up the missed rehearsal time. The Director and the student will determine projects based on the student’s availability and interest. Various projects might include but not limited to: rehearsal and concert setup, librarian work, poster design and distribution, etc.


Course Name: University Orchestra

Course Section CRN Title Hours Days Time
MUSI1601 A 81260 University Orchestra 1 TR 6:15pm-7:35pm
MUSI2601 A 81261 University Orchestra 1 TR 6:15pm-7:35pm
MUSI3601 A 81262 University Orchestra 1 TR 6:15pm-7:35pm
MUSI4601 A 81263 University Orchestra 1 TR 6:15pm-7:35pm


There is a firm attendance policy which directly affects your grade for the class.
Click here to view the Orchestra Guideline




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