John Gorta, Management 2009

(Member from 2005-2009; Drum Major, Saxophone)

“I had the unique opportunity to serve as a student leader in one of the most dynamic student organizations in existence.  I am honored to have been a drum major of one of the finest groups of musicians and students to exist.  In my time I’ve seen 12 opposing stadiums, a victory over u(sic)ga, the goal posts come down, an ACC Championship Victory, a BCS Bowl Game, and have had my name announced at every home game for 3 years.  I’ve been very fortunate to have been a part of the Georgia Tech Band.  It is a time in my life that I will never forget.”

Jim Haden, Industrial Engineering, 1970

(Member from 1966 – 1970; Trumpet)

“Looking back, I am very proud to have been a part of the Tech band.  I enjoy coming back for alumni band whenever possible.”

Valerie Lynn Stickles, Applied Biology, 1991

(Member from 1986-1990; Flute, Auxiliary Percussion and Oboe)

“By its nature, the band is the keeper of long-standing traditions at Tech.  We hold the songs, stories and traditions dear and pass those through a musical and oral tradition unlike any other organization on campus.  Through the annual “T” (Traditions) Night where the first year band members are taught the lore, the traditions are faithfully carried from one class to the next.  Years after graduation, I still remember cheers that were yelled against teams that we never played while I was a student at Tech.  I would not know these cheers without the strong emphasis that the band places on traditions – old and new.  While there are other organizations that maintain tradition, none is as rich as what is passed from band member to band member during the long hours of practice in the band room and on the field.  Twenty years later, I remember my first T Night and many of the things that were shared by the alumni and upperclassmen on that night – a memory that I cherish to this day.”