Can I get credit for participating in Music?

YES! – All of the ensembles are courses you can take and receive credit toward your graduation.

How can I participate in music as a Georgia Tech student?

The Georgia Tech Music Department offers a wide variety of options for students who wish to participate in music, from performance to academic study.

We offer a multitude of performing ensembles, which are open to students of all majors. These include the Marching Band, various concert and orchestral groups, jazz ensembles and combos, percussion ensembles, and electronic music groups.

Students interested in furthering their musical education can pursue a certificate, minor, or degree program within the School of Music. Minors are available in Music (general emphasis), Music Performance, and Music Technology. Degrees in Music Technology are available at the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral levels. Students outside these programs may also take some elective courses within the School of Music.

Will I have enough time to study while participating in music?

Our music program’s members span a variety of degree programs, years, and focuses.  Many students have had successful academic careers while fully participating in music the entire time.  In fact, the networking and leadership opportunities band offers are often beneficial to your academic experience at Tech.  With that said, Georgia Tech is not easy, and music can be a large time commitment; time management skills will be essential.  Ultimately, only you can judge your abilities and priorities.  Generally speaking, however, it is entirely possible to balance your studies with music.

Are there scholarships available?

Georgia Tech does not offer scholarships solely for participation in music ensembles. However, there are other opportunities offered to students who dedicate their time and energy to the band program.

The Marching Band offers various stipends for student leadership positions.  Additionally, Tau Beta Sigma sponsors a scholarship for one new member each year which defrays the cost of the Marching Band fees, apparel, and instrument rental up to $300.  The application is included in the registration information sent out in the summer, and the winner is announced during band camp.

The Music Minor Degree Program offers, in a sense, music scholarships by funding lessons. The scholarships for music minors are “indirect.” This means that those students accepted into the minor program do not pay for the 3 required semesters of applied lessons. Acceptance into the program is based on audition and approved by a faculty committee.

The John Evan Kelley Music Award Endowment Fund proceeds are utilized at the discretion of the Band Directors to provide scholarships, awards and/or monetary support for travel for dedicated members of the Georgia Tech Bands (Symphonic, Concert and Marching Bands). Scholarship and award candidates must apply, perform an audition, and meet other more specific academic and musical criteria. One-time awards and travel support allocations are disbursed at the discretion of the band directors.

The Kelley Family Music Scholarship Fund proceeds are utilized in two ways. A scholarship is awarded to provide financial support for a gifted pianist to work within the choral program as an accompanist. Other scholarships are awarded to outstanding dedicated students within the instrumental program. These scholarships, when available, may be renewable based upon audition requirements, academic, and musical criteria.

What does it cost?

Costs to participate in any of the ensembles are nominal.

  • First year Marching Band – approximately $300. The Athletic Association covers travel expenses to all performances. (They even provide per diem to buy meals.)
  • Instrument rental is $25 per semester. The instrument rental form can be found HERE.
  • Instrument lockers are located in the Couch Building (room 103) and may be rented at a cost of $15 per semester. The form to rent a locker can be found HERE.
  • If you are enrolled in an ensemble, a practice room key may be issued at a cost of $15 per semester ($30 if not enrolled in a music class).
  • Each of the ensembles requires specific concert dress. For example, the Symphonic and Concert Bands require men to wear tuxedos and women to wear black formal attire.

If I march, when can I move into my dorm?

If you plan to participate in the Marching Band, you will be able to move into your dorm room on the first Monday of band camp.  The Athletic Association covers on-campus housing costs during band camp.

What do I do if I have a scheduling conflict with an ensemble?

If you have tried everything to avoid a conflict with an ensemble rehearsal, but cannot find a way around your scheduling problem, contact the ensemble director as soon as possible. In many cases, these conflicts can be worked out.

Who else will be there?

You’ll meet a great number of students in the Department’s thriving ensembles, representing a complete list of the majors of campus at the undergraduate and graduate levels. These are inclusive, not exclusive ensembles and activities. If you don’t know anyone on campus, this is a great place to meet the cream of the crop. Surveys demonstrate that music students have higher GPA’s than the general student body. These are people you ought to know.

Should I wait?

Some students decide to wait “until they get their feet on the ground” before becoming involved. Most will become involved in other activities and not come back to music. They miss the very supportive elements that make a successful academic career: diverse experiences, positive social interactions and confidence building through team and individual effort. The proof is in the research: music students do better in school.

When do ensembles rehearse?

Ensemble rehearsal schedule is designed to avoid conflicts with core classes. The rehearsal schedule for fall is:

Symphonic Band TTh 4:30-5:45
Concert Band TTh 3:00-4:15
Chamber Orch TTh 1:30-2:45
Orchestra TTh 12:00-1:15
Jazz Ensemble TTh 3:00-4:15
Jazz Combos TBD  
Chamber Ensembles TBD  
Marching Band MWF 4:00-6:00
Percussion Ensemble MWF 3:00-4:00